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Provide better experience and customer service when customers visit your website. With Live chat, customers are asked if a live chat specialist can be of help. Our specialists monitor your website 24 hours, 7 days a week and use a customized script specific to your business. The chat specialist will gather the customer’s contact information and which products or services interest them. The information is then forwarded to you immediately and you are able to follow up each lead with knowledge of their needs.

The call connect option is available and can be used only certain times or days. For instance, if you have someone who answers the phone Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm the chat specialist can ask the website visitor if they would like to be connected to your office. After hours, you can have the chat specialist explain the office is close but he will get the information to you and a call will be returned.

Our Live Chat program is a very budget friendly program as there is just a $50 one time set up fee and three programs to choose from. Once the amount of leads to purchase is determined, your budget only gets charged when you get a lead. For instance, 2 different businesses might each purchase 50 leads, one business receives 50 leads in 5 months and the other receives 50 leads in 2 weeks, both businesses pay the same per lead.