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Corporate Identity/Branding

A good corporate indentity and branding concept will achieve these objectives:

• Deliver the message clearly, concisely, simply with no misunderstanding
• Confirms or reaffirms your credibility
• Creates emotional connection with your prospects
• Motivates your buyer, call to action
• Creates brand or service loyalty

We succeed in corporate branding because we strive to understand the needs and wants of your customers. You achieve this identity by building a good consistent branding thread that will integrate these concepts throughout your company at every point of public contact. Our services range from creative logo design and signage to point-of-purchase materials. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies. Your brand is the source of promise and deliverability to your customer. We help you form you corporate identity in a consistent, unified, powerful and memorable image.

We apply a strong methodology that results in a consistent, unified, powerful and memorable visual image for your company and its brands.

We can help you with:

• Logo Design - A logo can make the perception of your company either negative or positive. A good logo with the proper combination of color and design concept gives the right message to the public about your company and its offerings. A good logo can work in any manner of visual representation of your company.
• Business Card Design - Effective business card design not only gets the prospects' attention but relays the message and positioning of your company and products or services.
• Letterhead/Stationery Design - How many design possibilities for your design letterhead and stationery are there? More than you would think. We consider all elements and uses before we design your letterhead to make sure that is an intregal part of your presentation mix.
• Brochures - To design a good brochure you must understand what your reader wants and what will motivate them. You need to describe your product or service in an interesting and unique way that will prompt your customer to take action and buy from you.
• Folders. A good folder design is not only eye pleasing but is adaptable for many uses. Sales presentation folder, media kit and other purposes.
• Signs and Banners - We have the design team that can produce the sign or banner that can promote yur event or marketing initiative.