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Retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing) is a form of online targeted advertising. Retargeting is the practice of serving ads based on prior engagement. Retargeting is done by displaying ads to the user as they browse the internet, via various ad networks. Retargeting ad campaigns usually run as display ads, which not only increases effectiveness by specifically targeting an interested audience, but also improves the overall ROI of the advertiser. Where a company has already spent money driving a user to their site in the first place, the term "retargeting" is derived from the concept of marketing to that same user again, in a different manner. Search retargeting, a form of behavioral retargeting, can also be leveraged to drive new customers that have not been to the site before because they are being retargeted based on actions taken on a third-party website.

Tipping Productions encourages our customers to use retargeting as a very cost effective way to improve ROI on their PPC Program. Our retargeting programs consist of the following:

Ad Creation: ads are created to stand out on a very colorful busy web page. We create multiple sizes to appear on multiple sites in multiple positions.

Call to Action: We will develop a call/calls to action that encourage contact upon view of ad and encourage click through for more information or further benefits.

Ad Delivery: Your ads will be displayed to those who have already visited your site via organic, direct, PPC or social media campaigns. As statistics show, these interested consumers are more likely to choose your business the more they see/know you. We will show these “hot” leads your ad 3-8 times in the following days as soon as minutes after leaving your site.

Cost Effective: Each website visitor can be retargeted for pennies per visitor.