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Web Strategy and Tactics

Creating a web strategy - what are your business goals and objectives and how can a well organized web strategy help you achieve those goals? If you have not considered how the Web will fit in helping you achieve your goals, we can assist you in defining what the web can do for you.

What Can Tipping Productions Do?

• Your Business Goals - In our initial meetings with you, we will help determine your business's goals and current challenges – what’s keeping you up at night? What would help scratch that itch? What's not happening - what needs to happen? Once we have our arms wrapped around the objectives we can start our process of building the web strategy.

• Where are we now - According to your goals, we can evaluate your current website and see how we can improve things so your site starts working for you. We work with you to figure out what tactics we can use to get your web strategy aligned with your business strategy.

• What are Your Competitors Doing - What's the competition doing? No one can keep their head in the sand and expect results in this competitive environment. One needs to analyse what the competition is doing and the direction they are taking to be able to come up with a successful plan.

Once we determine these we can compile a strategy that allows us to define the tactics that will lead to success.